TETRA PAY (TPAY) TOKEN — Enjoy seamless subscriptions of your favourite OTT platforms without having to keep your credit card attached for auto-debits every month with TPAY tokens.

3 min readJul 6, 2021

OTT platforms have started to take over modern satellite TV in most households. When Blockbuster failed to realise the potential of the internet when they were approached by Netflix, the cards started falling into place for the growth of OTT platforms. As the internet began to become a staple around homes around the world, the scope for the OTT platforms grew many folds. Developing nations like India have also started to adapt to the digital trend and many homegrown platforms have emerged to challenge the big names in the industry. Owing to the rapid demand for the services and the flourishing of cryptocurrencies in the last decade has sparked a massive adoption of the technology. This opportunity gave rise to one of the most flexible cryptocurrencies in the market; TPAY tokens. A product of Tetra Pay International, TPAY tokens is here to revolutionise the financial landscape.

Tetra Pay International is one of the biggest names in the luxury transportation and forex trading niche and brings on the biggest revolution to the industry. TPAY Token was first unveiled in 2021 with the aim of reducing the hassle involved in traditional transactions which have helped for massive adoption of this rising star. TPAY tokens are based on the BEP 20 protocol of the BNB blockchain and therefore, it has been able to inherit all the benefits of the parent token including the elimination of any intermediaries, making it a decentralised currency. With TPAY tokens, a user now no longer has to worry about transaction fees or any type of processing charges. This has helped the token to appeal to the users who have been quite receptive to the concept. With its wider adoption, even major OTT platforms have started to accept cryptocurrencies like TPAY tokens for their subscriptions. This comes with the added advantage that the user does not have to attach his credit card for auto-debit and instead can use the digital wallets that they use to hold their cryptocurrency funds. This reduces any risk of data leak or privacy breach and in case of any unfortunate event, your financial data will always be safe, giving the users an edge during their online transactions. Pay with TPAY tokens and enjoy uninterrupted service from your preferred OTT platform.

If you have missed out on the initial IEOs to get your hands on some TPAY tokens, there is no need to worry since TPAY IEOs are active on ProBit and Latoken.


The first round of the IEO started on 2nd July and will last till the 8th of July, with a total token count of 40,000,000 TPAY tokens, priced at $0.25. Moving on, the second round is to commence from the 9th of July and will last till the 15th having a total token amount of 40,000,000 TPAY tokens priced at $0.30. Last but not least, the final round will stretch between the 16th and 21st of July with a total of 30,000,000 TPAY tokens priced at $0.35, Bonus rate (other quote currencies) 10%, Bonus rate (PROB) — 15% and minimum purchase quantity 1 total allocation (Maximum purchase quantity — With sales bonus) 2000000.


LATOKEN a notable cryptocurrency exchange is currently conducting the first round of TPAY tokens and to be completed by June 30. Second round to go live between July 1, 2021, to July 15, 2021.

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